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This section shows you how you can have editable content which is the same throughout the site ( NOTE: It is language specific ) .All the navs below are generated using snippets that are included with the framework, edit this content to see how it was generated

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A Controller is a PHP class file which extends the 'BaseController' class file. The name of the class must be the same as that of the php file i.e if you have a class file 'Main.php' the class name should be 'Main'

All controller files must be placed under the '/controllers/' directory and as mentioned above must include and extend the 'BaseController.php' class file which is placed in the same directory.

A controller can be executed by typing the following in the URL:[ControllerClass]/[ControllerFunction]

NOTE: If you do not pass a controller and a function in the URL it calls the default controller which is 'main' and the default function which is 'index' these can be changed by opening the 'Config.php' file and changing the variables:

public $defaultController = 'main';
public $defaultFunction = 'index';

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