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Media Helper

The 'Media' Class provides functions to easily embed Audio and Video files

NOTE: Requires jquery.js and swfobject.js to be present


  private function generatePlayer1()
    $media3 = new Media(Config::$siteURL, 'MyMovie4', '300','100');

    $audioFilePath = Config::$siteURL.'audios/betty.mp3';

    return $media3->generateDiv();

  private function generatePlayer2()
    $media3 = new Media(Config::$siteURL, 'MyMovie3', '400', '300');

    $flvFilePath = Config::$siteURL.'videos/3D_wallpapers_video_2.flv';

    return $media3->generateDiv();

  public function mediaPlayers()
    require_once 'libs/standalone/standalone/Media.php';

    $contentVars['MyMovie1Div'] = $this->generatePlayer1();
    $contentVars['MyMovie2Div'] = $this->generatePlayer2();

    $this->returnContent($this->loadMainContent('libraries/media', $contentVars));

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