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Provides functions for many Image Manipulations, Transformations and Filters

See the API documentation at:


  //This is a controller function
  public function GD()
    require_once '/libs/standalone/GD.php';

    $gd = new GD();

    $image = $gd->loadImage('temp/fantasy-3dart02.jpg');
    $image2 = $gd->loadImage('temp/php.gif');
    $mask = $gd->loadImage('temp/mask.jpg');

    $newImage = $image->resize('50%', '50%', 'fill');
    $newImage = $newImage->applyMask($mask, 50, 50);
    $newImage = $newImage->merge($image2, 100, 100, 50);

    $gd->writeTextToImage($newImage, 'Hi :)', 350, 250, '#ff0000', 20, 45, 40);

    header('Content-Type: image/png');
    echo $newImage->asString('png');

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