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The Crawler library provides a very easy way to add search engine capability to your site. NOTE: Use the built in Search functionality provided by the framework if you only need to search your site.

  • You can start searching not only your local site but also any website out there
  • You can set the 'followExternalLinks' to 'true' and the crawler will follow the link to the external website and scrape that site as well.
  • If you do not set a search string the crawler will return all links it has crawled
  • The title of the link will be the Title of the page, and the description will be the meta description of the page
  • You can even specify what HTML Tags you want the crawler to search in
  • The first time you run the crawler it caches all the crawle results and then the next time it searches the crawle log making the searches really fast. I would recommend pre-crawling your website the first time as it can take quite a bit of time if your site is prety big.

    NOTE: The Crawle Log is never cleared automaticly, you can do this by deleting the cache file by default it is at: 'writable/crawlerLog/crawlerLog.php'.

NOTE: On some servers like the sourceforge servers which have read only file systems, there will be no cache file created as a result the searches will be slow every time, not just the first time.

See it working below:

Search String:

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