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This section shows you how you can have editable content which is the same throughout the site ( NOTE: It is language specific ) .All the navs below are generated using snippets that are included with the framework, edit this content to see how it was generated

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The Captcha library allong with the captcha include file provides functions to easily handle captcha.

NOTE: Inorder to display the captcha to the user you will need to set the src attribute of the image to point to ""


  //This is a function within a controller
  public function captcha()
    //Get the User submitted captcha code
    $captchaCode = trim(Post::getByKey('captcha_code'));

    //Include the Captcha library
    require_once Config::$siteDir.'libs/standalone/Captcha.php';

    //Creat an instance of the captcha class
    $captcha = new Captcha();

    //Check to see if the code entered by the user is correct
      $this->returnContent('Invalid Captcha Code');

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